Give your business some (latin) love.

You deserve a business that feels like a fiesta.

You know this, right?

That’s why you STARTED your biz in the first place, because you want to:

Make a giant impact.

Have the flexibility to travel the way you want to.

Connect with other amazing women.

Get total creative carte blanche over YOUR work in the world.

In other words, you want to do it YOUR way and FEEL like a boss while you’re at it.

But more often, you’re not. You’re more frequently found holed up with your laptop like an online business gremlin, maniacally crunching numbers, desperately seeking clients or saying YES to too many things… overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid and WAIT a SECOND... isn’t this what you were trying to avoid when you decided to entrepreneur your life up?! BAH!

Nailed it. And it’s time to change it up, chica.

You know and we know that it’s up to YOU to create the life and business you really desire. But let’s be honest - in order to act (and feel) like a lady boss, you’ve gotta treat yourself like one.

Or at least like a señorita boss…

And what does a señorita boss do?

Uh… you know, just things like…

Hang out in a MANSION with other successful business ladies (like a mafia, but for the GOOD of the world).
Take the time to envision their DREAMS (in business and life) so they can create the reality they TRULY WANT.
Ask for support when they need it - whether that’s cracking jokes or getting SOLID ADVICE from professionals in other areas of expertise..
TRAVEL whenever they want to, without thinking twice, because THAT’S what bosses DO!
Make themselves and their business a PRIORITY by creating the space to give ‘em both some bonafide, undivided ATTENTION.

Like the kind of attention YOU and YOUR business really NEED.

Which is exactly why we created The Antigua Retreat. So you can finally treat yourself like the señorita-boss you really are - with a trip across the world... To mastermind the shit out of your business... With 12 other cool chicas... In a MANSION.

Yup, This is the #mansionmastermind.

Let’s give your business some latin (american) love, si?

The Antigua Retreat isn’t just a bunch of online business owners shooting the shit around a pool in a mansion in Guatemala…

Oh wait - YES IT IS!

If by “shooting the shit” we mean...

Masterminding like you mean it with THREE 6-figure-earning business brains AND 10 other genius entrepreneur-itas (buenos dias!)
Business building in the most customized way imaginable because you’ll have the flexibility to get the type of attention you really crave.want.need. (por favor!)
Program-creating so you can go home and sell the shit out of something you truly believe in and utterly adore (bueno!)
Photo-shooting to the max because what’s better than GORGEOUS photos in settings like {this} to add to your online business portfolio? (nada!)
Marketing-hustling since you’ll need a hardcore plan to get your big deal service/package/offer into the world (muy bien!)
Copywriting (and re-writing) because the only thing better than having a crystal clear message, booming business, perfect package and marketing mission is some cool-as-shit communication to go with it (dame!)
Amplifying your business more than you ever could have imagined was possible (perfecto!)

...oh yeah... then it is absolutely all of that

Can you say

MIRA! The best part of working towards an uncaged life is actually LIVING the life,
and we want you to experience precisely that, in all its (taco-filled, pantalones-less) glory.

If you’ve ever WISHED you could spend a week with a slew of 6-figure-earning business owners and get inside their brains...

If you long to have some hardcore work-time with people who understand your vision and know how to help you bring it to life...

If you want to spend a blissful week working (around a pool) while exclusively inhabiting a MANSION (literally, a MANSION) this is for you.

The Antigua Retreat is an exclusive experience that’s been designed specifically with YOU in mind. We know you’re amazing. We know you have what it takes. And we know what a week with us will do for you and your business. (Come se dice “upgrade” en español?)

Truth: You don’t need to be a billionaire to enjoy the life of luxury in the#mansionmastermind

All you need is the dream and the desire. Come hit it with us NOW and experience how amazing it can be to get out of your everyday and immerse yourself in the life and business you want... and leave actually LIVING IT. We’ll show you how.

(check out the pics below for a tiny taster of what's to come)

La Familia de Awesome:

We all love hard facts so let's rattle off some of our trophy moments :: multi-5 figure launches, travelling through 60 countries, living on multiple continents (we're yet to conquer Antarctica), degrees in accounting, law, health, producing, storytelling, winning awards for writing, making movies that rank #1 on Hulu and iTunes' hot lists. Yea, we know how to create content and programs that SELL.

So we all run 6 figure businesses, but we think that sounds a bit douchey. We’re WAY more proud of the fact that we all do it completely differently, and can help YOU do it your very own way.

Rebecca Tracey

This muy caliente business badass has been helping service-based biz owners drill down on their core messaging, get super freakin’ clear on what they do and how they do it, and build the life (and income) of their dreams since 2011. When she’s not creating incredible courses and programs for her awesome clients at The Uncaged Life, you can find her traveling the world climbing the biggest rocks she can find. You might also catch her taking classes in Toronto en español to prepare for Antigua and all of her future travels.

Lis Dingjan

Lis is the Creative Director behind The Identity running a small team whilst also shooting (of the photo kind) and programming. She is part of a number of other businesses and startups, leads a course for creatives and has more talent than the entire cast of Friends... luckily she’s too lovable to envy or we would ask her to stop making the rest of us look so bad! *wink* In other words, you WANT her visual prowess, business acumen, and positive energy directed towards your business! Soak it all up with us in Antigua.

Jamie Jensen

(also affectionately known as: FUEGO!). Hailing from Queens, NY (where she got her fill of latin languages... and men), this online business diva has built a full service copywriting cartel with Your Hot Copy (where words are the drugs she’s selling). Jamie uses her background in film writing and producing to create and hone killer content for her clients, all inspired entrepreneurs on a mission to make the world a better, prettier, funner (it’s a word!) place. She loves: dancing of all kinds (but the sexier, the better), comedy (you can hone your stand up set in Antigua too!), and tacos (omnomnom).

10 other booty-shaking, business-hustling women who will be your partners in business crime (the totally legal kind, we don’t want to get thrown in a guatemalan prison!) for the week

Los Específicos:

You escape the gloomy throes of winter and fly to Guatemala City (in the middle of February… did we mention it’s WARM in Guatemala in February. Uh huh.)
We transport you to beautiful Antigua (a stunning colonial town surrounded by 3 massive volcanoes and so charming that you’ll never want to leave), and bring you to the mansion to meet your #mansionmastermind leaders.
We’ll greet you with hugs, wine, and most likely something delicioso wrapped in a corn tortilla. (Me gusto!)
You’ll spend the week amplifying your business and enjoying the crap out of gorgeous Antigua!

El Itinerario:

We’re keeping the agenda flexible so that you’ll get the MOST out of having our undivided attention for the entire week. When we say “mastermind style” we really mean it. That said, here’s a peek at what’s in store during our week together...

7 Days at the MANSION (have you SEEN it yet?) for workshopping, creating, and making real live on-the-spot changes to your business, your website, your copy, and your marketing materials. We’ll even have ample time for afternoon naps or impromptu pool dance parties! Because the only thing better than a mastermind is a BIKINI mastermind! (Fuego!)
Group work time in various adorable cafes around Antigua (with smoothies or mojitos in hand!).
Lunches in Antigua are made for us at the mansion by our resident housekeeper and chef (like the bunch of ballers that we are).
Dinners as a group at some amazing, local restaurants!
At least one full day off where you can choose to hike a volcano, go on a bike tour through local villages, take a day trip to the ridiculously beautiful Lake Atitlan, or hang out and explore the endless cobblestone streets of Antigua.

We know this sounds like a lot of fun, but don't be mistaken, this is a hardcore business retreat. We'll be hyper-focused on helping you grow during your time here, and the itinerary will be finalized once we know who is coming, and what you need, so we can make sure to cover only the stuff that is most important to you and your business.

What can you work on during our week together?

Pretty much anything you want, since you’re the señorita boss!

But we’ll be prepared to help you...

Create brand spanking new packages from start to finish - from conceiving them and fleshing them out to writing your sales pages and getting everything set up - so they are ready to sell like a mofo when you get home (or to your next destination).
Create a plan to beta test new services (and maybe even start testing them during the week) so you can get moving and shaking with the stuff you’re excited about!
Revamp the sales pages for your current packages so they are way more awesome, clear, exciting, fun, and most importantly SELL the true value of your offer!
Change up your website - which means scrapping shit you don’t need anymore, improving flow, and generally making your site WORK better for you, your brand and your clients (because you want more of those, right?).
Create a marketing plan that WORKS - complete with blog posts, opt-ins, guest posts, and list builders. We’ll have a look at what you’re doing, determine what you could do better, and make it happen so your marketing is finally as ballin’ as you are!
Mind map and brainstorm anything you want! If you feel like you need a complete fucking overhaul- Antigua is the time. You can refine your brand, your target market, your niche - your whole business if you need to - and leave with a clear plan of attack.

Or? The (blue, sun-filled) sky is the limit.

Once we know exactly who is coming and what you need, we will tailor our workshop time to your needs

What’s included:

All-inclusive access to the three of us for the entire week - we’ll be at your fingertips for all of the business questions and help you could ever think of!
A full photo shoot with Lis around Antigua to upgrade your current site photos and make sure your look is totally on brand. Antigua is an AMAZING place to shoot - there are literally endless possibilities here!
7 nights at our amazing Antigua mansion (complete with pool, hot tub, more rooms than we can even count, and our own maid and chef!) Let’s be honest… this is a dream come true.
All meals and snacks, and all beverages (except for alcohol) when eating out (but you’d better believe the house will be stocked with wine all week!)
Transport to and from Guatemala City so you don’t have to worry (or think) about getting to the Mansion on your own. This is travel, señorita boss style.

What’s not included:

Your flight to and from Guatemala City!
Any excursions or shopping during your downtime or days off - that stuff is totally at your discretion so it isn’t built into our agenda for you!


Your Investment to get in on the magic of this The Antigua Retreat is $3199.

A deposit of $500 secures your space

and we'll organize a payment plan with you

Want to join us,

This exclusive retreat is specifically for women that we KNOW will be a great fit, which usually means that at least one of us has already worked with you (but if you're dying to go, let us know!). Still, we’d love for you to fill out this application to make sure that this experience is right for you, and to give you a space to ask any questions that will help make this a hell YAY for you.

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What is your relationship with one/both/all of us?

Where are you in business right now? Tell us a bit about what you do, what's working, and how you'd like to grow.

What do you want out of retreat?

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